Mantyhose: A brief aside…

Whilst researching material for my previous post, I often found that one avenue of research forked into two more, and so and so forth. The further down I went, the more the topic expanded into one of individual liberties and style.

MantyHose-StraightFromTheA-17Two articles (here and here) I found regarding the rising “mantyhose” (tights/pantyhose designed for men) trend came from the website of the Daily Mail, a British tabloid newspaper with a rather conservative editorial style. I’ve skimmed through a few editions of the paper when visiting my parents and, if you ignored the sports pages and some of the more magazine-y bits in the middle, you’d think that the world as we know it was going to end tomorrow. In a nut-shell: tradition, stability and security = good; progress, change and modernisation = bad. I was curious as to how their readers would react to such a thing.

There were a minority of comments that were supportive, but most of those came from people who are already devotees of the mantyhose trend. Some found the whole thing ridiculous, some found it a joke but, most interestingly, some took it to the next level and declared that metro-sexuality in general was a sign that men have been progressively emasculated by liberals.

aec2a1c0870e27cee14e953ea11dc034Before I carry on with the greater topic, I would like to explain where I stand on that last point as it kind of introduces a recurring theme that will run throughout. Given that conservatively-minded people generally regard bravery, confidence and security as virtuous, it is quite ironic that wearing mantyhose would be considered unmanly and weak when it actually takes a considerable amount of bravery, self-confidence and security to actually wear them in public. Show me a man wearing mantyhose, and I will show you a man with few, if any, insecurities.

It’s not emasculation… it’s emancipation!


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