A Pledge for 2017

Instead of tweeting or writing stuff on this here blog type thing, I’ve spent most of Christmas building things, inserting batteries into things, installing things and listening to a myriad of Prog Rock LPs I’ve received over the holiday. With Christmas over and done with, and a new year fast approaching, I’ve taken a few moments to reflect on 2016 and make a few (realistic) aims for 2017.

First and foremost, I plan to use my online presence – small as it is – as a force for good. I paid a fleeting visit to a few public forums earlier today (I won’t mention their names) and was astonished at how much bandwidth was being wasted moaning about or regurgitating vitriolic rhetoric towards other people. I feel that some people are quick to complain when they don’t agree with something, but very reluctant to compliment when they do. I plan to use my online space to credit and compliment wherever I feel it is due.

I also recognise that, while I have made significant progress in this area, I need to do more to stop worrying what others think of me. My views, opinions and behaviours may not be in line with the wider British culture, but I shouldn’t censor myself so much.

Although it’s not 2017 yet, I’m going to get a head-start by proclaiming the following:

I like Phil Collins.

I realise I may lose some “Prog Cred” for saying so, but I I feel a lot of malice has been levied towards Phil. I must admit I got on board the Collins = Bad bandwagon over the years, but revisiting his 1980’s solo and Genesis work in recent months has proved to me that he wasn’t the sell-out he’s often made out to be. He just came from a different background and had different influences – as such, no solo or Collins-era Genesis album is totally devoid of merit if you take them on face value (no pun intended).

Not even Invisible Touch!


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