11 days in, and I’ve not broken any of my resolutions yet!

We’re only 11 days into the New Year, and some of the promises I made to myself have managed to survive this long. Any New Year’s Resolutions I make tend to get abandoned around dinner-time on January 1st.

Screenshot from 2015-05-23 08-29-54

The first thing I managed to do was open up my laptop. It’s not a professional laptop so it doesn’t have those convenient panels at the bottom for accessing the RAM and Hard Disk – I had to completely unscrew the back plate and pry it off with a small screwdriver. I was no stranger to working on my old desktop computer, effectively building it from scratch, but as laptops were a whole new experience, I was a little apprehensive about making a complete cock-up of it. It took a little effort, but I managed to pry the back off and found out how the Hard Drive was connected and how many empty RAM slots I had.

As both my wife’s and my son’s laptops are similar, I now feel confident in opening them up to install replacement or upgraded parts if any of their user-replaceable parts fail. I’m just hoping my son doesn’t learn what a Solid State Drive (SSD) can do. He’ll want one just to eek out an extra few minutes playing Roblox!

20160806_151247After more than a few beers over the Christmas holiday, I’ve managed to remain tee-total from Monday to Thursday. Even on days when work has been a bit of a struggle, I’ve refrained from popping into the supermarket to get a bottle of ale to go alongside my evening meal – those occasional “nightmare day at work” or “I haven’t tried that one” beers all add up. Even on weekends when I allow myself a few beers, I’m trying to keep myself distracted so a weekend’s worth isn’t gone by Friday night: binge-watching Blackadder seems to be working at the moment! I was never one for going out at the weekends and, I’ve got to admit, I still prefer it this way: No hassle, no expense, and less noise!

There are still some things on the list I’d like to tick off, stuff I’d like to do for the first time, and stuff that will benefit my mental state in the long-term – but I won’t mention what they are until I’ve actually done them.

That would be jinxing it!


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