Fuck Everyone and Run: The Hypocrisy of Biffers (and knobheads in general)

Aargh! That man looks foreign! I must flee to my safe space!

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with the album by Marillion – that would be one for my other blog (shameless plug intentional) – but it is related in some way.

With politics being the way it has been over the past few years, the words Project Fear have been thrown around quite a lot. I’ve written briefly about it before: when people are frightened and vulnerable, they are easier to control and exploit because their rationality has been impaired by survival instinct. Case in point: extreme-right groups like Britain First and the EDL. When terror strikes and the public become like headless chickens, up they pop, point their fingers at a scapegoat and say “Don’t worry: we fight for our country and we will protect you! This is how we’ll do it…”. This strength and fighting spirit rallies the frightened to their cause. But what is their solution?


Except, when you’re a landmass just off the European continent, you can’t run. You can’t exactly up anchor and sail the UK into the mid-Atlantic just to get further away from the Middle East. So whenever they feel even the slightest bit threatened – whether physically or culturally – their solution is to protect through isolation, suspicion and separation, policed with strict authority. Their brand of “patriotism” is just re-painted cowardice: rather than send the attackers a giant “fuck you” with a show of national solidarity, they effectively want to cower under their security blanket where the bogeyman can’t harm them.

Almost makes you want to go “awww…. there, there.”

But, let’s be fair, they are out there on the streets doing their bit for counter-terrorism. Not quite sure how marching through a neighbourhood, shoving crosses in everybody’s faces and harassing innocent women makes any positive contribution. I bet that really gets Jihadi John’s mates quaking in their shoes [sarcasm].

It all sounds ludicrous on a national scale – but what about a personal one? What do you do when some knobhead attacks your principles, your culture, your ideas or your behaviours? You can hide away in fear of further attack, or change yourself to suit your attacker, but you’ve just handed victory and control over to a complete knobhead. You can ignore them, which will starve them of the reaction and the publicity they crave. If you’re feeling confident, or if someone’s got your back, you can catch them off guard and stand up for yourself. Looks like Jeremy Corbyn’s been favouring the latter of late.

I know I’m one to talk, but after years of cowering and acquiescing to all the knobheads I’ve had to deal with over the years, enough is enough.

I’m ready.

Bring it on.


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