I’ve been mad for ****ing years…

With our weekend away approaching, and my wife’s challenge along with it, I’ve been psyching myself up and trying to find attire that works for me. I’d recently gotten hold of a khaki-green cargo skirt which I find incredibly comfortable and shouldn’t draw much attention. I think it goes brilliantly with my dark grey Pink Floyd t-shirt, and found myself changing into that after work every day last week. I think that shirt will be the perfect accompaniment when I next step out – having the words PINK FLOYD in large letters, plus their iconic prism artwork, plastered across my chest should deflect any interest in the lower half.

And if anyone says I’m mad for wearing a skirt, it also gives me the perfect response:

I’ve always been mad, I know I’ve been mad like the most of us have.

(That’s one of the opening lines from Dark Side of the Moon, by the way.)

I really do need to get some more band shirts – those I bought from concerts back in my younger days have since become redundant, either faded through repeated washes or outgrown through too many ales and pies. I’ve got my Steven Wilson Hand. Cannot. Erase. shirt somewhere, but haven’t seen it in a few months.

Hmmm… will wearing a skirt impair one’s “prog-cred”? Interesting. I shall have to conduct an experiment!


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