A Man in a Skirt on Beauty

This is a brilliant article that analyses the concept of ‘beauty’ from a different angle to how it’s perceived in the western world.

The comparisons to the animal kingdom are pretty interesting. Women carry with them the means to ensure the survival of our species – something so critical yet so often taken for granted – and still we place upon them all this additional pressure to look aesthetically attractive. It almost sounds like complete laziness on the man’s part. I think it should be down to us men to do the ‘nest-building’ by providing security and stability – not just financially and environmentally, but emotionally too. Beauty’s only skin deep, after all.

A Man in a Skirt

Beauty! What is it? According to ancient philosophers Beauty is transcendental, a quality like Truth and Goodness that runs through to the core of being. A quality that transcends being. Plato said that where we find one of the transcendentals then we find them all. Where we find Beauty, we also find Truth and Goodness and where we find Truth we find Beauty and Goodness. Beauty is not subjective. What we find beautiful is. It’s the same with Truth. Truth is Truth but ‘the truth’ is something that we have fought over for too long. My truth is better than your truth and I’ll die trying to prove it!

Beauty is the subject of many myths and stories, because like Truth and Goodness we are deeply programmed to seek it out and recognise it when we see it. The problems arise when we disagree about what we see. The revelation…

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