If skirts are “girly”, explain Game of Thrones!

I’ve just come back from my weekend away, just outside a small town called Gobowen nestled on the Welsh borders, and it’s actually a good thing my wife had forgotten about her “challenge”. We only seemed to get about an hour of warm sunshine each day, and that was over breakfast; the rest of the time was rather cold and overcast, so even going out in a pair of shorts would have been a bit daft.

Ian Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont

We usually bring a DVD box set with us and, this time, we brought Season 6 of Game of Thrones. As we were watching, I noticed one thing: most of the major male characters wear skirts. Even the High Sparrow, played by lauded Welsh actor Jonathan Pryce, wears a dress… kind-of. Okay, they’re almost always over trousers, and accompanied by a rather kick-arse sword, but they’re skirts nonetheless. It’s one of the most popular TV shows in the world when you add up all those who subscribe via Cable/Satellite services and those who obtain pirated downloads – could all this exposure be helping to unravel the whole skirts = feminine ethos?

Or do we have to become a Kings Guard, or sign our life away to the Night’s Watch, before we’re allowed such freedom?


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