Worshipping nothing

Following on from yesterday’s post, one quote I read online stated that if you don’t worship God, you worship everything “worldly” instead.

I can’t see how that is possible.

I don’t worship anything the way I’ve seen Christians worship. If to worship means to devote, then nothing permeates every aspect of my life in the same way faith permeates through a Christian. I have my own core beliefs and behaviours, but they are transient, evolving and adapting as I learn. I love music, and listen to at least some every day, but I am by no means devoted to it and appreciate it in the same way a Christian would. You could say I’m devoted to my family, but while they are a very significant and central part of my life, my family is self-sufficient enough to allow me time to help whoever’s need is greater.

During my church-going days, “worship” was also described as “acknowledgement of worth or worthiness”, but something’s worth is only relevant to the individual evaluating it. To me, the only area where God evidently exists is within the pages of a piece of ancient literature. On that scale, God is of no more worth to me than, say, Harry Potter: just major characters in a series of best-selling books.

So, by that logic, do I still give God his worth, or is worship nothing without slavish devotion? If God is the personification of perfection, why would he be so narcissistic as to want such sycophantic behaviour from us, and why would God be so jealous as to demand a monopoly on our attention?

Theology is so confusing!


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