Two Months Later…

In the months since I last posted here, I’ve drafted several posts and never actually concluded them. I’ve been reading up on, and learning about, the “generational dynamic”, so most of these posts were taking pot-shots at the more vocally-conservative among us, who ironically lambast the “millennials” for “self-publicising on social media” yet don’t realise that, in doing so, they’re also guilty of exactly the same thing.

Time and energy has also been a factor – something rather major happened at work a month ago, and it’s been quite a rollercoaster since, involving several days of repetitive data entry. It had to be done, and it may seem like “easy work”, but when you’re motivated and stimulated by creative and project-based work, it’s harder than it seems.

I have achieved a couple of things in the past two months though.

Firstly, I survived a family baptism service held at my former church. I was getting quite anxious about it, knowing that as a former member of the church, I couldn’t just blend in as an anonymous attendee. I did get hugged a couple of times from people whose names I’d completely forgotten. I was also hoping to avoid one of the more ultra-evangelical members and, fortunately, was spared the inquestition. I did detect a few glares though when I didn’t stand up and join in with the songs. How dare I!

I also got the chance to go out in my kilt yesterday, when we went for a family meal. I’d worked out a better way of ironing the damn thing, and with sporadic moments of clear weather, I went for it. I almost chickened out, but was glad I didn’t. I wasn’t conscious of any reactions, even when I was ordering at the bar in full sight of many patrons. I break up for two weeks this Friday, and I’m sure more opportunities will present themselves!


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